Find Out How to Become a Mechanic

Cars and trucks continue to get more advanced with state of the art computer systems and engine components. It takes a lot to keep them going these days. A good mechanic is a must for every auto owner. If you are skilled at working with your hands and like to solve problems, then you may want to learn how to become a mechanic.

Education and training plays a vital part in this career. There is much information to be learned, and you can start prior to college. Many high schools have auto shop classes and vocational school programs. As well, you should take as many math and physical science courses as possible.

When you graduate from high school, look at community colleges and technical schools in your local area. Many have an auto repair programs that will prepare you for your certification by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, which is a must for all auto mechanics.

While you are in college, you may want to get a job at a garage or parts shop. This will give you some experience in the industry. As a service writer, you can take the mechanic's notes and write up the estimate and parts order for the customer. Many of these garages will also help you obtain your ASE certifications.

Mechanics are in short supply. You may want to seek out apprenticeship programs or check with a local garage owner for mentor ship. An important point to remember is that the more certifications you have, the higher your wage will typically be.