Favorite Automotive Small Business Franchises

In the United States and abroad, there is no doubt that the automotive industry is a big business, one of the biggest in fact. And while that's great for the CEOs and employees of car makers like Ford and GM, it doesn't profit small business entrepreneurs very well, because it's virtually impossible for any home business to break into the market. Even getting into auto repair is a difficult task for work from home entrepreneurs because the cost of starting a garage, gas station, or auto parts store is far more than many new businessmen can afford, even if the store is a franchise business.

The hopeful entrepreneur is left to ask if there are any auto franchises in the small business price range, and fortunately, there are. If running your own business and working on cars is really all you've ever wanted to do, here are a few great franchises that can make that happen for you.

Paint Bull

There are 3 phases of a franchisee's relationship with this auto paint business for sale: hands-on training, business startup, and continuing support. The first phase, training, is what they are most well known for, sometimes to the point that people mistake them for being just an auto-painting school, but they are so much more than that. Long after students master their paint application training and move into business for themselves, the help continues. With 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, the franchisor knows exactly what a new business owner needs to spur success. They provide franchisees with instant connection to 8-12 auto dealers who need the franchisee's services, as well as constant access to technical support. With all that aid, a full load of paint supplies, and a recognized brand name, Paint Bull franchisees are fully prepared to succeed in their market.

Premier Paint 2000

Another mobile auto paint repair franchise, this home based business is recognized as having something that other similar businesses simply do not: the best paint technology in the industry. Their system, equipment, and methods of application are so advanced that they have an 85% success rate where most similar businesses only have 30%. The difference is a 99% color match between the repainted area and the rest of the car, something that is unheard of in the market and so regularly attained with this system that Premier Paint 2000 guarantees their work for at least a year, and in many cases, up to the lifespan of the product. And the franchisor is always on the lookout for new technologies and tricks that will put franchisees even further ahead of the competition.

Creative Colors International

This automotive small business takes a slightly different approach to working on cars than the other two. While the first two work on the exterior of the automobile, Creative Colors International repairs the interior. Vinyl, velour, plastic, leather, or carpeting, Creative Colors International franchisees can fix it from the back of their mobile repair centers. Really, it doesn't even have to be inside a car; the job could be on a boat, a plane, an RV, or just some household furniture, and the franchisee can still restore the interior to its original beauty. Despite their skill however, Creative Colors International work at home franchisees recognize that not every job is going to go perfectly, and it's that realism and humility that sets them apart. If the job isn't done right the first time for some reason, the franchisee will do it again, and if it doesn't work that time, he'll do it again. And if he just can't seem to get it right, by practice, he'll find the person who can. Creative Colors International's goal is not simply business, but the satisfaction of the client.

Though there is no doubt that the bigger parts of the car industry are so well established that it's nearly impossible to break into them now, that doesn't mean that there is no way to make your living working on cars in your own business. Any one of the 3 business opportunities above provide the perfect entry point into the market and a great way to attain financial and career freedom.