Top 5 Automotive Technology Schools in the United States

The complexity of automobile engines continues to increase, thus increasing the demand for well-qualified auto mechanics. A formal automotive technician training course is the best way to prepare you for a position in this fast growing industry. Listed below are the top 5 automotive technology schools in the United States.

1. Universal Technical Institute (UTI)
2. NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI)
3. Nashville Auto Diesel College (NADC)
4. Lincoln Technical Institute
5. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)

With the onslaught of vocational high schools, many students can start preparing for their mechanic career early. Many students will begin as apprentices in body shops and auto dealerships, while continuing their post secondary studies. Some employers will even reimburse employees for the additional schooling they receive.

The programs consist of classes such as auto engine mechanics, mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing, and customer service. This gives students the well-rounded education they need to succeed in the industry.

The bureau of labor statistics states that there will be a growth of 15% in the industry over the next decade. This is about 4% over the national average. Graduates typically work in dealerships, manufacturers, and repair shops. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit can also go on to open their own shops.

With the rapidly growing technology used in new cars, it is important to remain current with your education. Even with a degree from an accredited automotive technology school, you will likely still have to continue your education over the years. This will ensure that you stay ahead of your peers in this booming industry.