Sheridan Technical Center

Aspirants for General Education Development Test success are always on the lookout for an efficient institution that will give them the desired platform that will give them the required impetus for career building. Sheridan Technical Center is the solution for such people.

Located in Hollywood, Florida, Sheridan Technical Center is basically a two-year vocational school. Offering as many as 35 workforce development programs the center is ideal as one of the best centers for vocational preparatory instructions. Automotive, cosmetology, as well as culinary arts is some of the programs offered in Sheridan Technical Center. Adult basic education programs are the addition to the cluster that has made the institute stands out in the crowd.

Programs at Sheridan

o Helps students to prepare for the General Education Development Test.

o Covers five streams including the language arts, reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

o Provides training in advance automotive technologies, collision as well as repair.

o Offers training in the Ford ASSET program that is a joint venture between the center and Ford Motor Company. Objective of the program is developing skilled technicians to work on the Ford cars.

o Training program includes hands on training combined with the real world issue tackling programs.

o Offers programs for special as well as routine maintenance of the online casino gambling machines as well as brick and concrete casino room devices through their Gaming repair program for technicians.

Course Types:

Programs on gaming offered include education by enrolling in the 90 hours slot machine gaming mechanic programs as well as the full course that covers 270 hours of teaching on casinos, hotels as well as tropical resorts. Specialized postsecondary programs are also promoted by the center. Excellent preparatory platform for high school students to prepare them for future employment either in the retail, shipping or receiving jobs or in the cashier or retails sales jobs are created through the programs. Sales techniques, human relationship aspects, and excellent customer service tips forms the three pillars of the training program. Other programs include the A+, Cisco, i-Net as well as specialized information technology courses.

Institute profile

Accredited by multiple associations including the Commission of the Council of Occupation Education as well as the Florida State Board of Nursing and many others, the institute has earned reputation as the premier Technical Center in the State.


Applicants have to pass through the departmental orientation programs on weekly basis. Online orientation is available but requires a TABE test. Orientation followed by counseling sessions coupled with interviews help sort out all problems. Aspirant students from high schools must fill out the application through their high school guidance counselors.

Financial Aids

Pre-requisite for financial aid is the FAFSA application online and a high school diploma or its equivalent as academic qualification. Conversely the student can demonstrate their abilities to benefit with the job training provided. Aids include Pell Grants, Scholarships, and the Veteran's Benefits.