Diving Technical Schools

Diving technical schools are highly specialized institutions that offer technical diving instruction. There are a number of diving technical schools located nationwide. These schools provide training courses for beginners, advanced, and technical divers. Most of the top diving technical schools feature highly experienced and active instructors. Advanced training, wide experience, and specialized equipment are some of the requisites to become technical divers.

Open water diver and open water nitrox are two training programs for the beginners. Of which, open water courses are ideal for those wishing to become scuba divers. Advanced open water diver, EANx nitrox diver, deep air diver, dive master, and recreational trimix are some of the advanced courses offered by diving technical schools. You will also be taught some of the scuba skills including night diving, drift diving, underwater naturalist, overhead environment, underwater navigation, underwater photography, deep diving, wreck diving, multilevel diving, spear fishing, and many more.

For technical divers, courses such as EANx gas blender, trimix gas blender, advanced EANx nitrox diver, normoxic trimix diver are offered. Most of the training courses give instruction on marine life. Online diving technical programs are also provided in some of the schools. Practitioners pursuing an online course do not get direct supervision from the diving instructors. In this case, multimedia lessons and reference manuals are offered through internet.

Course fees and the duration may vary depending on the course features and schedules. Courses are scheduled during evening or on weekends to meet your needs. Almost every diving technical schools offer accommodation facilities, books, training materials, and other equipments.

After completing the training program, students are awarded a diving certificate that is recognized all over the world. SSI (Scuba Schools International), SDI (Scuba Divers International), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors), TDI (Technical Divers International) and YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) are some of the internationally known training agencies.