Can't Decide on Your Next MagLite Flashlight? This Can Help

Today we'll be showcasing two great flashlights from MagLite.

The MagLite XL50 LED Flashlight

The MagLite XL50 LED flashlight is a great, AAA 3-cell, flashlight that was designed to create an optimum level of light output while maintaining a user-friendly design.  It's sleek, tactical design makes this MagLite flashlight easy to use and easy to carry.  Features include:

· Tail capswitch

· Three selectable modes - Mode 1: High Power; Mode 2: 25% Power; Mode 3: Strobe

· 104 lumens

· 4.8 inches in length, 1 inch diameter, 1 inch head diameter

· Weighs 2.08 ounces and 3.68 ounces with batteries

· LED lamp type; uses 3 AAA batteries

· Comes with presentation box and batteries when purchased at

The LED Mini MagLite

Just like the XL50, the LED Mini MagLite is a AA 2-cell flashlight was also designed for optimum light output.  Like all other great MagLite flashlights, this product is built strong enough to last a lifetime and designed to be easily tucked away in pocket, purse, glove box, etc'  Features include:

· Available in black, red, silver, blue, gray

· 69 lumens

· 6.61 inches in length, 0.71 inches in diameter and 1 inch head diameter

· Weighs 2.4 ounces without batteries and 4.2 ounces with batteries

· 3 watts; LED lamp type; uses 2 AA batteries

· Comes with presentation box and batteries when purchase at

For more information on these products and other great flashlights, be sure to browse our department today.  You'll find detailed information on features and specifications of each individual product.