Associates Degrees Allow More Choices In Jobs And Education

Students of all ages and area codes are getting ready to go back to school when the new semester starts. They may be ready to get more job training, like a certification in a particular job, or they might be interested in getting the academic knowledge that will advance them further in a career they are in or that they want to move into.

Whether it's academics or job training, an associate degree can get you on the path to future success. People who have already decided on their career path may want to get technical or vocational training. For example, there are a number of vocational certifications at the associate degree level that are available - from such diverse fields as air conditioning, automotive repair, and computer programming.

There are also a great deal of other jobs that require either a specialized certification or education. Many of these can be attained with an associate degree in a particular field. Nursing is a good example of an associate degree that is extremely specialized. There are a number of other medical jobs that require at least an associate degree, such as a lab technician, or a radiology technician. Getting an associate degree in one of these exciting fields can lead to a very good job in a growing field.

Other people may not be interested in the medical field, but they still want a challenging job that pays well. They may want to think about an AA degree in the legal field. You may be asking yourself, "Hey, I thought you had to go to law school to do that?" However, there are a number of jobs in the legal arena that pay well and only require an associates degree.

One of the best associates degrees in the legal field is a degree in paralegal studies. A paralegal actually performs many of the same duties a lawyer does, but isn't allowed to give legal advice or try a case in court. However, paralegals conduct interviews with clients and witnesses, and do a great deal of research and support work for a variety of interesting cases.

Many people seek an associate degree as a gateway degree to further education. Earning this two year degree can make the transition into a top university easier, because many universities and university systems have mandates in place that allow higher acceptance rates for students who already hold a degree. Additionally, earning an associates before moving to a university or college can also potentially save students thousands of dollars in tuition costs, because tuition at community colleges is usually cheaper than that at a university.

Students with an AA degree in a particular field also may have an easier time transitioning to university life. They will already have a great deal of knowledge in their field of study, because associate degrees programs are designed to focus on a particular area of study, unless it is a liberal arts degree, which is intended to be broader in scope. By having this degree in hand, students will spend far less time taking unnecessary classes trying to decide their field of study.