Use Water to Fuel Your Car - Your Wallet and the Environment Will Thank You!

Everyone is feeling the pinch in their wallets these days as gas prices are hitting record highs and there is not relief in sight. We all know oil is a natural resource that is on its way to extinction soon. So why are were cars not equipped to run on water turned fuel? Well you have all the major corporations to thank for that. Think about this, if car companies and oil companies stopped gas to fuel cars, would they be rich anymore? Of course not. In essence those big companies fanned the flames for demand for the gas we need to power our cars as well as out lives.

But not anymore. Thanks to some genius inventors who created a kit in their garage that will turn water to fuel. But don't get the wrong idea. You still need some gas to run your car, but with water to fuel technology you won't need as much. Mainly because cars are mechanically built to run on gas.

So let me explain as simply as I can about this process of turning water to fuel. You already know from high school that one of the basic components of water is hydrogen. And we have all heard of hydrogen fueled cars these days. But they are expensive and if your car is in fine working condition why would you want to buy a new one right? You will need some equipment to turn separate the hydrogen from the water and recombine with electricity to form a fuel source call Hydroxy or HHO.

HHO is mixed with the gasoline to increase the total effectiveness exponentially. HHO is three times more powerful than gasoline. It will make your car perform better and give it more mileage. I know this all sounds absurd. But there are cars running on this technology such as SUVs, trucks, ATVs and especially cars since 2006. And there are proven videos to show that cars running on HHO have lower emissions, therefore you'll be giving mother nature a little break.

Though the technical sense of converting the water to fuel sounds complicate, the entire process is relatively easy to install. Blueprints and instructions are widely available and the equipment to required to run the process can be purchased at stores easily.

Don't be afraid to try water to fuel technology, you won't regret it!