Diesel Mechanic School - 8 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

Here's 8 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling into a Diesel Mechanic School:

1. Has the school been evaluated by NATEF (which stands for the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation)?

Note: When I mention -- NATEF it is vital to know that their primary concern is to improve the quality of auto technician training programs throughout the U.S. via voluntary certification accreditation. NATEF is headed by a 14 member trustee board that is appointed by the ASE Board.

2. Has the school met 100% of the Automotive Service Excellence standards?

3. Has the school met the Automotive Service Excellence standards for both the Automotive as well as the Diesel Technology programs?

4. How long has the school been in business educating in the area?

5. Is the school considered an accredited vocational technical school?

6. Is it possible to set an appointment to visit and take a tour in order to learn more about what is offered?

7. Is it possible to speak with one of the counselors to help make an educated decision on which direction may be the perfect choice?

8. Is the school an equal opportunity school whereby students may be admitted to all programs without discrimination either by race, religion, gender, health, age, etc.?

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